What is pXRF?

Portable X-Ray Fluorescence – often termed “pXRF” – is a powerful technology capable of simultaneously quantifying many elements in a single analysis.

Modern pXRF instruments look like guns. You point and shoot your samples with X-rays resulting in characteristic signals which are detected and related to elemental composition.

pXRF Limitations

For many soil and agriculturally relevant elements, total concentrations can be rapidly quantified using pXRF under the right conditions.

However, carbon cannot currently be quantified using pXRF.

Current Methods
for Soil Carbon Quantification

The quantification of soil organic content is currently achieved by wet oxidation, loss on ignition or dry combustion methods which are time consuming, destructive, expensive and/or produce environmentally harmful byproducts.

Spectroscopy system such as visible near infrared and mid infrared have been used to predict soil carbon but these instruments can be expensive, require hyperspecialized calibrations, and conduct only superficial measurements.

Time Consuming




Here is our solution

The X-Centric™ Solution

X-Centric is researching and developing pXRF instrumentation systems for soils allowing streamlined acquisition of vertically stratified geochemical, carbon, and density information through the soil profile.

The volumetric nature of our analyses means you’re getting a more representative measurement, and the additional geochemical data advantageously enables the development of multivariate models to predict other soil properties such as CEC, texture, and other useful information.

Think about it like taking an “X-ray” of your soil to assess its health.

Our instrumentation, coupled with our mobile app and dashboard provide a fast one stop shop solution to your soil characterization needs.

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