X-Centric™ Mobile App

We have developed a convenient Android mobile application that connects to our scientific instrumentation and saves collected data in real time to the cloud which can then be accessed by secure login via the X-Centric™ Dashboard.

Upload Data Instantly 

Bluetooth LE and Classic

NFC Scan

GPS Data

Download the X-Centric™ App

Available at Google Play.

iOS App will be available soon!

  Terraton Challenge

X-Centric™ Selected as a Semifinalist in the Terraton Challenge,
an Ag-Tech Competition Sponsored by Boston based Unicorn, Indigo Ag.

We are proud to have participated in an agricultural technology competition called the Terraton Challenge which was sponsored by Indigo Ag (a Boston based U.S. unicorn). We were 1 of 36 companies to make it as a semifinalist in this competition (out of over 260 companies). Our participation was within the “Quantify Track” where we worked on refining our technology for use by end users. Our innovations have the potential to disrupt conventional analytical methods and we will continue researching, developing, and integrating our scientific discoveries into our systems as we work towards commercializing better, more efficient ways of characterizing soils.

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