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PXRF Soil Organic Content Measurements
via Novel Instrument Attachment

X-Centric™ has developed a patent pending novel, low-cost instrument attachment
for portable X-ray fluorescence devices which enables parallel soil organic content quantification
during regular geochemical analyses.

Technical details of this novel instrument attachment are omitted because of ongoing business and intellectual property (IP) dealings.

Soil Organic Content

Soil organic content is important to agricultural systems because it is a key driving variables in overall crop productivity. Its quantification has recently gained importance with the introduction of the United Nations (UN)  4p1000 initiative which aims to mitigate climate change via the sequestration of carbon within agricultural soils thereby reducing atmospheric CO2 (with the added benefit of increased crop productivity and thus increased global food security). As corollary to this initiative some member countries are mobilizing and implementing policies and frameworks to encourage, subsidize or even incentivize increasing agricultural soil carbon (e.g.  Australia’s carbon credits/farming initiative – F2018L00089 – in force as of January 2018). As a result, technological advances for soil organic content quantification are needed to increase throughput and decrease costs of analyses.


The quantification of soil organic content is currently achieved by way of wet oxidation, loss on ignition or dry combustion methods which are time consuming, destructive, expensive and/or produce environmentally harmful byproducts. Emerging Vis-NIR and MIR instrumentation has been developed for the prediction of soil organic content but these instruments are expensive and rely on multivariate techniques.

The X-Centric™ Instrument Attachment

The X-Centric™ instrument attachment rapidly and non-destructively quantifies soil organic content using parsimonious simple linear regression. A scientific manuscript detailing the device and its performance is near completion and will be submitted for peer review and publication in a scientific journal after business and IP dealings have been taken care of.

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