X-Centric™ Dashboard

The X-Centric™ Dashboard is in private beta phase of development.

X-Centric strives to facilitate quality research. We have developed a convenient Android mobile application which connects to our scientific instrumentation and saves collected data in real time to the cloud which can then be accessed by secure login via the X-Centric™ Dashboard.

Seamlessly collect,upload, process and share data with the X-Centric™ data management system. The data obtained via the X-Centric™ Android application is cataloged and preserved in the X-Centric™ Dashboard for future use.

Currently the X-Centric™ Dashboard supports a wireless connection to our PXRF instrument attachment via the X-Centric Android mobile application. It may be possible to connect the X-Centric™ Android application to some external instruments or sensors as well.

If you would like to request a demo or access the Dashboard please email us at [email protected], we would be happy to discuss how the X-Centric™ Android application, Dashboard and/or the PXRF instrument attachment can facilitate your research and data collection.

Stay tuned for a video showcasing the X-Centric™ Android Mobile Application and Dashboard’s  functionality.

For licensing, or investor relations please contact X-Centric™ at [email protected].

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For licensing, or investor relations please contact X-Centric™ at [email protected]